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Bringing You the Bagel Montreal Can’t Stop Talking About

What makes the perfect bagel? Montreal style, handmade, woodfired, and delivered right to your door. At The Bagel Club, we’re about more than just selling the best bagels online. We’re about making your life easier (and more delicious), with a passion for bringing you the freshest artisanal bagels, wherever you are.

Order a custom bagel box of our Montreal-style bagels, hand-rolled fresh and then poached in honey water before being baked in a wood fire oven. These aren’t your typical mail order bagels. They’re artisanal masterpieces—crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and a favorite of bagel aficionados all over the world.

Bagel Montreal

Sensational flavors wherever you want them

We offer five sensational flavors made from the freshest ingredients possible and shipped fast to wherever you want them. Go simple with classic poppyseed, sesame seed, or whole wheat sesame bagels, or take a taste of something a little different with our rich pumpernickel and addictive all dressed bagels. Just let us know how many you’d like and how often you want them delivered.

When you order bagels online from The Bagel Club, you get a guarantee of freshness. Our perfected delivery process preserves flavor and texture, so that your bagels are as delicious when they arrive as they were when they left the oven. Delivery only takes 2-3 business days, and as a bonus, subscribers receive free shipping on all orders.

Browse the site to learn more about The Bagel Club and our subscription service. For questions or comments, give us a call at 514.340.9999 or email us at help@bagelclub.com.