Bagels Recipes Ideas

Bagels are the ultimate hunger fix – it’s something you can have with almost anything, at any time, and today we’ve shared a few delicious montreal bagel recipes ideas that you can try at home.


And while the scrumptious delight is great on its own, no one can deny that toppings and fillings can add a certain ‘oomph’ to your favorite go-to food like nothing else.

But is cream-cheese the height of bagel toppings for those who like to (dare I say) experiment?

While I wouldn’t mind mine slathered in it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there’s good news for more sophisticated palates out there: there’s more to bagel than the most basic toppings.

In fact, you can dress it up any which way you like to satisfy your cravings – and here are some excellent ideas to get you started.

Top Breakfast Recipe Using Bagels

Open-Faced Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Even a minimalist like me loves an explosion of flavor in their mouth for breakfast from time to time. So whether you’re someone who likes to put everything in their egg in the morning or someone who wants to experiment with different flavors, this is the bagel for you.

All you need to do is get your bacon right, scramble eggs to your liking, put it all on your toasted bagel with your favorite veggies and cheese, and toss it in an oven!


Top Dinner Recipe With Bagels

Turkey Apple Cheddar Bagel Melts

Tired of whipping up the same ol’ grilled cheese every few days?

Here’s a new twist that can upgrade it to the king of sandwiches: replace bread with bagel and add turkey, apple slices and any other condiment of your choice.


Bonus: Bagel Fillings Vegetarian

Tuna-Less Tuna Salad Sandwich

Whether you’re a vegetarian or just looking to skip tuna while still craving the taste, this amazing recipe is for you.

Top your bagel with hummus, cannellini beans, chopped vegetables and fresh herbs of your choice for a tuna free way of getting your nutrients.

Whether you’re a bagel fanatic, a vegan or someone watching their daily calories, bagels can serve as a delightful alternative to all sorts of bread for your food.

So what are you waiting for? Try our yummy bagel recipes ideas to liven up your food adventures.

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