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No preservatives. No additives. Only the freshest and simplest ingredients, and the best bagels around. Our Montreal style bagels are hand-rolled and bathed in honey water before being baked over a roaring wood fire. The perfect artisanal bagel, every single time.

How it works

Bagel by mail delivery when you want it, where you want it. Order from The Bagel Club and receive our handcrafted bagels delivered right to your door. Just pick your favorites from our delectable selection, tell us how many you’d like and how often you’d like them to be delivered, and we’ll bring them to you. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Our perfected delivery process is focused on preserving freshness, so that the quality of the bagels you receive is the quality you would expect if you picked them up directly from the bakery.

The best bagels don’t have to be difficult to find. Place your order with The Bagel Club and enjoy easy, fast delivery and the freshest Montreal style bagels you’ve ever tasted. Want them more often? We’ve got you covered. Schedule delivery for as frequently as you please so that you’re always stocked with fresh and tasty bagel delivery goodness.


Select Bagel Type

Choose the types of bagels you’d like, then let us know how many you want and how often you would like them to be delivered.


Schedule Your Order

Tell us when you would like to receive your bagels.


Packaging & Delivery

We’ll pack your artisanal Montreal style bagels up fresh and deliver them right to your door.


Enjoy An Awesome bagel

Our bagels are perfect smothered in shmear or as the base for sandwiches. They’re also deliciously satisfying eaten simply on their own.

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