What Makes Our Bagels Different?

Bagel Club - Not a simple bagel bakery

You’ve no doubt been to a bagel bakery before, but you’ve never had bagels like these. We bake fresh, artisanal Montreal style bagels, which are thinner, denser, and a bit sweeter than the bagels you’ll find at most other places.

The process for making our bagels is similar to the traditional process, but with a few twists. Our dough includes the addition of eggs, as well as a bit of honey for a subtly sweet addition. We then poach the dough in honey water before baking our fresh bagels in a wood fired oven. The result is a bagel with a denser chew thanks to the eggs, a hint of sweetness from the honey, and a crunchy outside and fluffy inside from the wood fired bake. All of our bagels are handmade, for perfect flavor in every single bite.

Try just one of our Montreal style bagels and you’ll quickly discover why so many people skip the spread and eat their bagel plain. We offer traditional Montreal bagel flavors, including beloved seed bagels like poppyseed bagels, sesame seed bagels, and our all-dressed bagels with a little bit of everything.

Elevate your bagel experience with Montreal style bagels made fresh and delivered right to your door. Try them all, rate them, and choose your favorite. For the best bagels and the best bagel delivery, place your order with The Bagel Club today and taste the difference of our hand rolled bagels (spread totally optional).

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